Love Blogger: Don't Panic, Mom!

Favorite way to enjoy the LOVE… Monkey Pops, of course! Take half a banana and roll it in yogurt or melted chocolate. Quickly press LOVE granola all over and freeze for an hour or so. Deee-lish.

Favorite 3 flavors of LOVE… Sweet Cranberry Pecan Granola Bites, Chocolate Power Os, Strawberry Raspberry Hot Oats.

Three things she does to stay healthy…

  • Run away from my kids, literally. Running keeps me emotionally level for my sweet monsters.
  • Water, Water Everywhere! I make water a priority during the day. It helps keep headaches away and controls my appetite between meals. Love that stuff.
  • Keep it Front and Center. I leave my running shoes by the front door so I am always reminded to use them. I also keep fruits and veggies in the most obvious places on the counter and in the fridge. I also put my running/training calendar on the fridge so I look at it throughout the day.

Her mantra… Don’t Panic.

  • I also just started using, “Nothing changes if you change nothing.” It helps me eliminate excuses and get to work.
  • But you must also know my favorite mantra that my husband uses with his music students, “Courage is free, take as much as you want.” LOVE.

On her bucket list… Train for a marathon.

Favorite ingredient to cook with… Spinach. It goes with everything!

Doesn’t leave home without… Sunglasses.

Favorite book… How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas by David Bornstein

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