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May 2, 2017

Snacks, Sweets and Punny Treats: 5 Fun Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas to Melt a Teacher’s Heart

Teacher Appreciation Week starts May 8th (we know, we know! We CANNOT believe it’s already May either!!). Send your kiddos to school with the sweetest appreciation gifts to say THANK YOU to their teachers. Here are 5 of our favorite ways to spread LOVE to those teachers you appreciate:

5. Succulents to say “Thanks for Helping Me Grow!”

Many grocery stores and home improvement stores sell already-planted succulents in beautiful jars or vases. Simply tape or glue a hand-written or printed note that says “Thanks for Helping Me Grow!”

Don’t like the planter it’s in? Replant it or use chalk paint to make it your own.

4. Healthy cereals with punny notes

How could you not find these silly notes adorable!? Plus, our kids cereals are virtually guilt-free for adults and kids alike. They’re easy to munch on and make the perfect desk drawer snack stash!

3. Super Oats Cookies for a teacher that’s SUPER and sweet

Nothing shows love and appreciation more than homemade cookies and a heart-felt note. We have two amazing and healthy cookie recipes that no teacher could resist–Almond Butter Super Oats Cookies and Chocolate Chip Super Oats Cookies!

Peanut allergens in the classroom? Substitute the nut butters with sunflower butter–if allowed at your child’s school. We love Wild Friends Honey Sunflower Butter and Classic Creamy Almond Butter.

2. Breakfast Bin for those busy teacher mornings

We teach our kids that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but let’s be real, how often as adults do we actually take the time to make ourselves a healthy breakfast!? Your kids’ teachers have busy mornings–make it easier on them with easy breakfast options! All you need is a simple, cute container (we got this one at Target) and some on-the-go breakfast items like nut butter packets, Hot Oats Cups, Super Oats Packets and fruits. Throw in some yogurt or dairy alternatives if they have a fridge in their classroom.

1. S’mores trail mix to remind them that the world needs s’more teachers like them!

S’mply pour marshmallows, Simply Oats Oat Clusters and choco chips into a baggie; add a note; and you’ve got the perfectly roasted Teacher Appreciation Week gift! We used Dandies all natural, vegan marshmallows and Enjoy Life vegan and dairy-free chocolate chips.


Whichever route you choose to show your kids’ teachers appreciation, our best piece of advice to you is to remember: It all starts with LOVE.

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