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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Love Grown

Where can I find Love Grown coupons?
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How do I request product samples or donations?
In certain situations, we do provide coupons, samples, or donations to charity, community health, and educational events. To request an event sample or donation, please fill out the corresponding form on our contact page
How do I become a Love Ambassador?
Love Grown Ambassadors spread the love through social media, events, and by word of mouth. Contact us through our contact page and tell us why you love Love Grown, what your favorite product is, and why you want to be an Ambassador in your city.

Questions about where to find the Love

Where can I buy Love Grown products?
Please contact us to find a store near you that carries the Love. Please be sure to include your city, state and zip code as well as the product that you are specifically looking for. You can also always find our products online through Amazon, Vitacost, and LuckyVitamin.
Is Love Grown available in Canada?
Yes, Love Grown Power O’s, Oat Clusters, Hot Oats, and Super Oats are sold in Canada. Select Love Grown products are available in Loblaw’s, Real Canadian Super Stores, Fortino’s, Sobey’s, Longo’s, Metro, Overwaitea, Choices, Whole Foods, and independent retailers.
Are your products sold internationally?
Our products are only available in the United States and Canada.

Questions about our products

Are your products Kosher?
Yes, all of our products are Kosher Certified OUD. 
Do your products contain GMOs?
Our products are NonGMO Project Verified by the NonGMO Project. All of our products have been enlisted. If our product does not have this logo on the packaging it is still being verified.
Which products are Non-GMO project verified?
Most of our products are NonGMO Project Verified. For a complete list visit the NonGMO Project site.
Are your products Gluten-free?
All of our products are made with gluten-free ingredients including our oat-based products, which are made with Certified Gluten Free Oats. The manufacturers that produce Love Grown products are Certified Gluten Free with the Gluten Intolerance Group. Under this certification each ingredient, processing step, and facility are carefully reviewed to ensure no risk of gluten contamination. The manufacturers are not dedicated gluten free, nor are they required to be under the certification, but they have implemented all programs, controls, and training to ensure that all Love Grown products are gluten free. In addition to all of these steps, our finished products are not shipped until they have been tested and shown to be gluten free.
Are there flavors with no sugar added?
Yes, our Power O’s Original, Original Super Oats Packets, Nuts & Seeds, and Simply Pure Super Oats Pouches have no added sugar.
Are your products Vegan?
All of our products are Vegan, except our Honey Power O’s.
Are your products Organic?
Love Grown seeks to provide healthy and nutritious food to everyone. We believe in making health less of a privilege and more of a right.. Unfortunately, the cost of organic raw materials would dramatically raise our prices. Although our products are not organic, they are are NonGMO Project Verified.
Why do you use beans in your cold cereals?
We wanted to create cereals that are not made from wheat or corn (like most cereals) and that have more nutritional value. Our power blend of navy, lentil and garbanzo beans is revolutionizing breakfast and is a great way to power your day!
Do you use artificial flavors or colors?
No, we are passionate about only using natural flavors and colors. The term ‘natural flavor’ refers to components derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material, whose significant function in food is flavoring rather than nutritional. The colors in our cereal products come from ingredients like purple carrot color, hibiscus, and turmeric.

Questions about our packaging

Is your packaging recyclable?
 The paperboard box of all Love Grown cereals are recyclable, this includes all flavors of our Power O’s, Mighty Flakes, Kid’s Cereals, and even our Hot Oats cups. All packaging for our Super Oats Packets can be recycled. The Oat Cluster and Super Oats pouches are recyclable under category #7.
What does the date on the package correspond to?
This is our “best by date.” Although it is generally safe to consume our products after this date, we recommend using our products by this date for the best taste and freshness.
When the packaging was changed, did the products change?
We have updated our look with new branding and packaging but our ingredients and recipes have all stayed the same.