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March 31, 2017

Happy Birthday Love Grown!

On March 31, 2008 Alex and I baked our first batch of granola. We were undergraduates at DU. Alex always wanted to start his own business and my background is in nutrition and I love to cook. We are both health fanatics and loved the idea of selling healthy, clean, simple foods. Initially, we wanted to make fresh pesto, but quickly realized that perishable products are really challenging (especially when you are sharing fridge space with roommates).

Alex loved my mom’s granola recipe (which she had made my entire life) and so we decided to start with that. We were supposed to be studying for finals (DU is on the quarter system) and were in the library with all of our books, but instead of studying we started writing our business plan. We made 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 5 year goals and listed out all of the products that we eventually wanted to make (including things like banana bread and nut butter).

Then we started brainstorming names and what we would call the company. My only request to Alex was that “love” had to be in the name because I believe that love is the most important ingredient and makes everything taste better. Alex agreed, as long as there were no hearts. So we jotted down a list of 30 or so names, and when we said Love Grown it just stuck.

Motivated and more excited than ever, we went out and bought all of the ingredients for my moms granola. We baked our first batch, of what would be many, without having any real idea of what we were in for! The amazing thing is that Alex had the vision and idea to not only capture this amazing day on camera, but we also took a video!

Today Love Grown has 5 different flavors of granola, plus five other product lines and our products are available in over 11,000 stores! I remember Alex telling me nine years ago that if we were going to do this and start this company we would need to sacrifice the next two years of our life in order to pour ourselves into building and growing the business. I laugh, knowing those two years turned into nine! But I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything and could not be more thrilled or fortunate to have done it with the love of my life.

Cheers to love, taking risks, working hard, and to following your dreams!

Spread Love,