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May 1, 2013

LOVE Brings Us Together – A Portrait of Food & Friendship

Many thanks to Heather, the woman behind Heather’s Dish, for writing this fantastic post on the importance of food, friends, and family!
Food. Besides water, it’s truly one of the only necessities in the world; something which hasn’t been ousted by iPhones, internet access or television. Isn’t that crazy to think about, by the way? There are so many times that I’ve skipped the ceremony of eating dinner at a table in order to scarf it down in front of the TV or just standing in the kitchen; a really great meal with friends and family without distractions has started to become a rarity in my life!
The thing about food, besides the fact that we all need it, is that it really is one of the few things that brings people together. When we take a moment out of life to break bread together there’s really nothing sweeter than the realization that good friends and good food just can’t be beat!

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.54.34 AMA few years ago I was afraid, so to speak, of entertaining. I was under the impression that the house should be perfect, the meal should go off without a hitch, and the conversation should always flow lightly and perfectly until the end of the evening. I believed that our dogs should be well behaved (well, they actually should be but that’s another story) and we would never show any of our weirdness. And then we made come incredible friends and my perspective of entertaining changed completely.

We shared life together, which included great food, and in that whole living-life-togetherness we started to share our weird along with great food. We made great meals and fantastic parties in houses where there was no room to sit, with children and animals running wild, and with eyes full of laughter and tears – or both at times. I came to the realization that along with family, friendship is best shared over great food.
The years will continue to go on, trends will come and go, but good food and even better friendships are two of the big things this amazing life is made up of. May you always have both around your table!