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Love Grown lunch ideas for kids

August 13, 2018

Lunchbox roundup: what to pack for your kids to make them smile

Fill your kid’s lunchbox with a little love.

Are you scratching your head for new and easy ideas for lunchtime? Are your kids getting tired of the same old snacktime routine? The trick is planning in advance. Make a list and prepare at the beginning of the week to stock up for enough food to last the week. You can also cut up fruit and veggies in advance and individualize each package to have healthy choices covered.


Give them breakfast for lunch!

Pack their favorite cereal treat with a cold thermos of milk! Love Grown is like sunshine in their cereal bowl. You’ll love that it’s made from beans and high in protein and fiber.  And they’ll love the delicious taste.


Let your kids play with their food.

Add a small bag of cereal and other crunchy items that they can use to top their yogurt. They will get excited that they get to decorate their food with fun.


Turn their lunchtime treat into wow!

Use simple ingredients to create these  Chocolate Peanut Butter Comet Crispie Bars. They are no bake – so easy for you – and incredibly tasty for your kids.


Send a love note.

Don’t forget to add a note telling them how much you love them.   It wraps any lunch box in a hug and a smile.


Here are a few more surprise and delight ideas from Love Grown

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