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September 23, 2017

The Today Show on Protein: Why It’s Essential for Breakfast and Why You Should Limit it for Other Meals

Between protein shakes, bars, powders and more, Americans are obsessing over protein. Filling our plates with extra protein has certainly been a craze for years, but at what point are we adding too much protein to our diets? It builds muscle, it helps us grown, it keeps us full. We could always use more of it! Right? Well, maybe not.

We love this article from Today.com, that explores the possibility that we may be trying to cram in too much protein in our diets. Yes, protein is absolutely essential to our health. It’s key for healthy nail growth, hair growth, brain function, muscle repair, muscle building, and more. As the article states, we’d literally die without it. Starting your day with a reasonable amount of protein stops you from craving mid-afternoon sweets, and helps you function better at work and makes you more likely to be active throughout the day. However, maybe we need to rethink how much we should eat daily.

We’re also stoked to see our favorite plant, BEANS, on their list of top meatless protein options. And chickpeas were listed as one of 5 easy ways to get more protein into your breakfast. Our cereals made from navy beans, garbanzo beans (AKA chickpeas) and lentils have just the right amount of protein for breakfast or a snackā€“up to 6 grams per serving! Power up!


Check out the Today Show’s article: https://www.today.com/health/how-much-protein-diet-too-much-t115350