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April 24, 2017

Passion: Mesa Wellness Day!

The other week we spent the day at Mesa Elementary for their Wellness Day. We reached over 400 students and educated them on the importance of eating healthy snacks. Our biggest focus was that any snack — whether between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner should always include a fruit or a vegetable and then they could add a protein or a whole grain.

We talk about how protein builds muscles and give examples of both animal sources and vegetarian sources of protein. Here the students are showing us their muscles!

We also talk about how whole grains are important not only for lasting sustainable energy, but for also being high in fiber. We have the students repeat this phrase: “Fiber is like the broom!” as they take their fingers and “sweep” their stomachs.

It was an awesome day and such a great event put on by the school. We were honored to participate and inspire the students to making healthy choices!

Yay for Love!

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