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March 16, 2017

Traveling & Staying Fit

I am on the road spreading loads of Love more often than not, so it makes keeping a regular workout routine difficult. Between the different time zones, all day meetings, and some hotel gyms that look more like a storage closet than anything else, I have learned to ‘pack my gym.’ I prioritize staying active and fit while I am on the road and these four items are always packed in my suitcase:

Yoga Socks

Yoga socks are my no-excuse-reason to wake up and do a few sun salutations in my hotel room. These no-slip socks are the easiest thing to pack (even when you have a full suitcase you can always fit in a pair of yoga socks). My go-to 10-minute morning routine looks like this:

I also use Pilates Anytime and love that I can pick mat workouts that have a specific duration, focus, and tempo.

Resistance Loops

Resistance Loops are amazing for strengthening your hips and glutes, which are so important for the health of your ankles, knees, hips, and low back. I only travel with the red (heavy) one. Do not overestimate the power of this little band. In just 10 minutes you can feel the burn and will feel it the next day. Check out my Fit Friday Glutes Workout (this can also be done without the resistance loop) for a killer workout!

Stretching Strap

The stretching strap is so great for even the laziest stretch-session. After a long day of travel and sitting on a plane or in a car, this strap is my best friend. I typically will lie on my hotel bed, watching TV, and I stretch one leg at a time (hamstrings, inner thigh, IT band). Stretching is something that I notice the most if I do not do it — especially when I am traveling. My low back is the first to feel it (I know, I am such a grandma) and stretching is the best thing to loosen it up.

Resistance Tubes

The resistance tube is probably one of my favorite pieces of workout equipment (even when I am not traveling). I love resistance bands because as you contract your muscle, the band has more resistance and as you release the tension in the band decreases, creating leaner, longer muscles. I love the resistance tubes because I can workout my upper body no matter where I am. Check out my Fit Friday Resistance Band Workout for a great full-body resistance tube workout that you can do anywhere (including in your hotel room)!

The best part of each of these four items is that they can fit into any suitcase, no matter how light you travel. I keep my resistance bands and stretching strap together in a little zip pouch and pack it just like I pack my toiletries. The other huge focus in order to stay fit while I am traveling is my diet. I really try to eat a healthy breakfast (Hot Oat cups are my go-to travel breakfast) and a salad for either lunch or dinner (Panera is a quick, easy, and healthy option that exists in practically every city).

I hope you find these tips helpful!

Spread Love,